Advising legal entities in the investment process and domestic and international projects. Mediation in concluding investment agreements Business climate research for clients. Advising in the process of developing a legal entity (investor) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region Mediation and consulting on entering the regional and international market), preparation of complete documentation accompanied by Contracts.

Analysis and assessment of the growth of the legal entity. Creating a proposal for solving various problems in the legal entity. Creating a proposal for business expansion and developing a positive business climate. Preparation of applications to relevant ministries or non-governmental donors for business development subsidies. Project management and monitoring funds according to Public Calls and proper direction of financial resources

Trainings and consultations in business law in the field of starting your own business. Trainings and consultations in the field of finding funds through various project applications before the governmental and non-governmental sector. Trainings and consultations in the field of entrepreneurship and management for start-up companies. Advising on the development of favorable business conditions for start-up entrepreneurs. Encouragement and training of women for the development of their own entrepreneurship.

Preparation of documentation for opening a business entity. Preparation of Contracts in all business areas. Preparation of Contracts in the field of labor relations. Preparation of investment contracts and mediation in the same. Preparation of applications for development funds in front of various donors. Preparation of reports on project implementation and financial spending. Preparation of applications for the necessary licenses before the competent ministries in various fields.

Cooperation with the Law Firm Arslanagić

In cooperation with the Accounting Agency Animarh d.o.o. Sarajevo

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The vision of Balkan Business &Consulting is to help connect companies from the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

In cooperation with our partner companies in Skopje, Pristina, Tirana, and Podgorica, we will provide you with complete services from:

Market analysis
Web Designer 90%
Company registration
Web Designer 80%
Presenting your product or service to potential business partners
Web Designer 72%
Tender documentation preparation services
Web Designer 85%

The right information and contacts are the basic key to any business success, and Balkan Business &Consulting d.o.o. Sarajevo can provide you with all that.

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